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Is parking in Seattle airport safe?

Is parking in Seattle airport safe?

Airport parking – be it onsite or offsite SeaTac Airport parking – is the safest option. Having professionals look after your vehicle while you’re away is unquestionably a good investment. At just a few dollars per day, it may also be the cheapest peace of mind money can buy.

How much does it cost to park long term at SeaTac?

Prepaid packages for long-term parking start at $179.00 for 30 days. Daily rates are calculated when you make your reservation. Jiffy Airport Parking has a free airport shuttle and a Jiffy Rewards program for travelers. Rates start at $10.95 a day and $69.95 a week when you make your reservation online.

Where is the best place to park at SeaTac?

Best Airport Parking in Seatac, WA

  • SeaTac Park. 1.3 mi. 195 reviews.
  • ShuttlePark 2. 1.4 mi. 121 reviews.
  • Ajax Parking RUs. 2.8 mi. 182 reviews.
  • MasterPark Lot A. 0.3 mi. 74 reviews.
  • MasterPark Lot C. 1.2 mi. 72 reviews.
  • Doug Fox Airport Parking. 1.0 mi.
  • Park N Jet Lot-2 – SeaTac Airport Parking. 2.9 mi.
  • MasterPark Valet Garage. 0.9 mi.
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Why you should never park at the airport?

Why you shouldn’t park at the airport It’s almost always more expensive than off-airport parking. There are better ways to save time, like a park, sleep and fly option. Your vehicle might be damaged, particularly in a remote lot. Parking rates (and perks) are more competitive away from the airport.

Is SpotHero legit?

Can you trust SpotHero? Overall, SpotHero helps save time and money on everyday parking spaces. However, be cautious as there have been many SpotHero reviews where spots weren’t actually reserved when people purchased them.

Is Airportlax parking legit?

Is the website secure? Yes, our website is very secure with the proper SSL certificates. We also have a strict policy at to never sell or share personal information with third parties.

How much does it cost to leave your car at Seattle airport?

SeaTac Airport Parking Rates & Options Parking at the SeaTac airport costs from $4 for hourly General Parking to $37 per day on the Terminal Parking Floor.

Is leaving car at airport safe?

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Don’t Leave Anything Inside Since airports usually don’t have strict security when it comes to long-term parking, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your car is safe at airport parking lots. A vehicle with visible valuables is more likely to gain the burglar’s attention.

Which is better ParkWhiz vs SpotHero?

SpotHero offers daily and monthly rates for garage and parking lot spaces in cities and airports. ParkWhiz is best for short-term parking in a garage or lot. is a directory of parking garages and lots in cities and airports. It features a longer list of available cities than any other app.

Is SpotHero good for parking?

The website and SpotHero app are both very easy to use. Their spots are discounted because they work with parking garages and owners to fill unused inventory. As a result, there are a large number of parking garages and facilities SpotHero doesn’t work with. Even so, they offer decent options for many cities.

How do I contact way com?

You can contact’s customer service team at [email protected] or call 408-598-3338. Why should I trust For, comparison shopping for your car needs is not a new business for us.

Where can I find long term parking near Seattle Airport?

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1 Top Hotels Near SEA with Long Term Parking Packages. Red Roof Inn Seattle Airport SEATAC. Great (4.1, 251 Reviews) 2 Seattle Airport Parking Guide. 3 Seattle Airport Parking Lot Options. 4 Parking at SeaTac (On-Airport) 5 Seattle Airport Parking Long Term.

Where can I Park my Car in SeaTac?

They offer car wash services as well as a free shuttle service to SeaTac. Jiffy Airport Parking Seattle: You have the option of parking your car or valeting it at this open parking lot by the SeaTac airport. They offer car care services and car wash services for your car while you’re away.

Where can I Park at Sea-Tac Airport?

You have several options for parking at Sea-Tac, including the Airport Parking Garage, off airport parking lots and the free Cell Phone Lot if you are meeting arriving passengers. WallyPark Seattle Airport Parking offers both covered and uncovered parking.

What is over height parking at SeaTac Airport?

Over-Height Vehicle Parking – If your car exceeds 6’10”, you’ll need to park in the over-height parking area. At the airport, signs marked “Overheight Parking” will direct you where you need to go. Extended Parking – SeaTac offers extended parking options such as weekly and monthly parking rates.