Is K-pop TREASURE popular?

Is K-pop TREASURE popular?

Treasure map – reality show, T.M.I. and etc. They have a really big fanbase for undebuted group, internationally, in korea and also in China!( its a big deal i must say) so they have some money for advertisements which also makes them known. (They have more than 1.33 million subscriberson Youtube!

Is Enhypen a million seller?

SEOUL, Nov. 11 (Yonhap) — Rising K-pop rookie band Enhypen became a “million-seller” through its first full-length album, the group’s management agency said Thursday.

Is YG TREASURE successful?

Treasure is already successful for a rookie who started during the pandemic and YouTube changing rules to manage organic views, they are already a leader. They also have their own color and they have members who can write their own songs. They are now on top 3 in social metrics alongside BlackPink and BTS.

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When did haruto join YG?

Haruto’s mother are fans of BIG BANG and 2NE1, they often attend concerts as a family. This motivated him to study rap and dance from an early age.In 2017 he enrolled as a trainee at the Japanese branch of YG Entertainment, at that time he was only 12 years old.

Is TREASURE big in Korea?

Boy band TREASURE achieves biggest K-pop debut of 2020 to-date: agency. SEOUL, Aug. The week-one sales marked the biggest release among new K-pop boy groups that have made their debuts so far this year, YG explained. Retail pre-orders ahead of the release topped 200,000 units.

Is TREASURE popular in China?

TREASURE has gained a growing fan base overseas in countries such as Japan and China as they top the music charts in the respective countries. TREASURE’s title track from their second single album ‘I Love You’ also reached number 1 on LINE’s top 100 music charts in Japan last month since the release of their music.

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Is BTS a million-seller?

BTS is the act with the most million-selling albums, having ten, followed by Kim Gun-mo, Shin Seung-hun, and Seo Taiji with six each.

How many albums have TREASURE sold?

1 million albums
TREASURE sells 1 million albums in 5 months since debut. Rookie boy band TREASURE has sold 1 million albums in just five months since its debut last year, the group’s agency said Wednesday.

What is special about Enhypen?

One of the special traits of ENHYPEN is that they are not afraid to try unique concepts, including the supernatural. They play with supernatural motifs to tell their stories and these often have some kind of dark undertone.