Is Hulk and Banner the same person?

Is Hulk and Banner the same person?

Originally Answered: Are the Hulk and Bruce Banner two separate people? They are two separate personalities sharing the same mind and body. When the Hulk has been separated from Banner, a completely independent entity, he is essentially a mindless beast.

How did Hulk and Banner split?

1 “Banner and Hulk Split, Part Two” The deal was that Doom would get the use of Banner as his science slave, but Hulk betrayed him and took Banner away and imprisoned him. Banner escaped, but it turned out that the separation process had unhinged him (perhaps making it a stretch to call this a “cure”).

Is the immortal Hulk Bruce Banner?

Immortal Hulk is a Marvel Comics character that takes place in Earth 616, the result of Bruce Banner and the Hulk having been through different deaths and rebirths, allowing the Devil Hulk to seal the other incarnations away and become the dominant Hulk persona.

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Is Bruce Banner Smart Hulk in Endgame?

After his arc in the previous Avengers movies, Bruce Banner transformed into Smart Hulk in Endgame.

How did Hulk change in Endgame?

After a decade of portraying Hulk as a mostly mindless, rage-filled monster, Avengers: Endgame changed the character in a dramatic way. Bruce Banner’s brain and Hulk’s brawn were combined together to create Smart Hulk.

How did Hulk become Smart Hulk?

Bruce Banner’s brain and Hulk’s brawn were combined together to create Smart Hulk. It was this version of Hulk that reversed Thanos’ snap and brought back half of all life across the universe, and it was assumed this would be his form for the foreseeable future.

Is Bruce Banner’s failsafe the real Hulk?

Shang-Chi ‘s Bruce Banner is still clearly a genius, but the failsafe explanation could still work. Perhaps after the events of Avengers: Endgame and the pain that came with Tony Stark’s death, the real Hulk was on the verge of taking over, triggering the failsafe to put Bruce back in control.

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