Is exalted Mercury good?

Is exalted Mercury good?

Exalted Mercury is associated with many good things by many astrologers and it is believed by a number of astrologers that exalted Mercury always works positively in a horoscope and it brings good results for the native under its influence.

Is retrograde debilitated planet exalted?

Bad means, if an exalted planet is well placed and retrograde then it will give bad results and a debilitated planet is such a condition is good. But if retro debilitated planet’s debilitation is canceled then he will give bad results and similarly exalted will give good results.

At what degree is Mercury exalted?

Mercury receives his exaltation in 15 degrees Virgo because when he in his forward motion has departed with 15 degrees from the Sun’s dominance in Leo, then he is accounted as free from the Sun’s beams and will be visible in the evening sky shortly after Sun set.

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How can we make Mercury strong?

To attain blessings of Planet Mercury, you should worship Lord Vishnu by reciting Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram. You can also worship the Buddha Avatar of Lord mahavishnu.

What are the characteristics of exalted Mercury personality traits?

Exalted mercury in general make a person charming in personality and quick witted. The person would be having high convincing skills and would be able to lead the people by using convincing and diplomatic skills. The sense of humor would be of high level.

What happens to an exalted planet when it is in retrograde?

There is no way an exalted planet can lose its exaltation just because it is retrograde. Everything is in addition. So the real impact would be that planet will remain exalted but there will be some confusion regarding things that planet is karaka of.

What would happen if Mercury is debilitated in any good house?

The debilitated Mercury would not give good result even if it is placed in any good house. If this mercury is placed in any good house, it would destroy the good results of that house. The person would be prone to unnecessary tensions and worries. He would be lacking resolve and will power.

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What if Mercury is retrograde in Virgo sign?

An exalted Mercury is a very strong planet in its own sign of Virgo. And retrograde planets are known to have thrice their strengths. Now the challenge is that an exalted planet cannot get thrice its strength on account of retrogression but otherwise.