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Is Competishun good for NEET?

Is Competishun good for NEET?

PW is good and sufficient only for NEET, but not sufficient even for the tougher shifts of JEE Main.

Who is Mohit Tyagi Quora?

Mohit Tyagi is currently a JEE tutor in kota and has many students studying from him. He has made maths video lectures for all students and uploaded it to YouTube . The way he teaches is simple so that each and every student can get it. Also he never hastes in any topic.

Which is the most scoring subject in JEE Mains?

Chemistry is the most scoring subjects between the three sections of the paper. That is also why many students tend to take it lightly. Below are a few pointers to remember when studying for JEE Mains. The key to scoring well in this subject is knowing organic chemistry well.

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How reliable are Mohit Tyagi’s lectures on YouTube for the JEE Advance?

Sir Mohit Tyagi’s lectures on youtube are extremely well for JEE Advance. It is completely reliable. Don’t go for paid courses unless you are lazy or the kind of person who often gets demotivated.

What is the difference between IIT mains and IIT advanced?

Both the examinations have same syllabus rather IIT Mains contains some chapters which are not there in advanced, that means it is not the case that for advanced we are supposed to study more syllabus. Now the mains and advanced examinations both have easy questions, moderate questions, tough questions.Only their relative percentage varies.

How should I start studying for the JEE Mains?

You should try them as they start from scratch (pure basic) and ends at jee Advance Level. Just select one chapter and do that fully from his videos and then solve questions. For jee mains solve jee mains previous year questions after watching his videos. So you should skip that part or do that.

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What is it like to be in a lower batch at IITs?

Now in lower batch there was no environment of study teacher used to crack jokes and students were also enjoying that even half of the material was not discussed (as teacher thought that we are useless bunch). I got very depressed as the academic input given to me was not at par as given to the top batches.