How much does a commissioned officer in the Air Force make?

How much does a commissioned officer in the Air Force make?

The average salary for an Air Force Officer is $85,103 per year in United States, which is 17\% lower than the average US Air Force salary of $103,226 per year for this job.

What is the starting salary of IAF officer?

Flying Allowance: Rs. 11,250/- per month for Flying Branch officers….Air Force Officer Salary Per month.

Air Force Branch Salary Per Month Salary in INR (per annum)
Flying Branch Rs. 74,264 Rs. 9,00,000
Technical Branch Rs. 65,514 Rs. 8,00,000
Ground Duty Branch Rs. 63,014 Rs. 7,56,000

What is the salary of AFA officer?

On the successful completion of the training period, the salary of AFA officers will be paid in the first cell of Level 10….Annual Salary Package of AFCAT.

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Branch Salary Package
Flying Branch Rs. 14 -15 Lakhs
Ground Duty (Tech) Rs. 12-13 Lakhs
Ground Duty (Non-Tech) Rs. 11-12 Lakhs

What is the highest salary in Air Force per month?

Highest reported salary offered at Indian Air Force is ₹45lakhs. The top 10\% of employees earn more than ₹30lakhs per year. The top 1\% earn more than a whopping ₹42lakhs per year.

Does Air Force pay well?

People working within the Air Force category in your area are making on average $5,786 per month, or $160 (3\%) more than the national average monthly salary of $5,627. California ranks number 4 out of 50 states nationwide for Air Force job salaries.

How much does air force pay monthly?

Nigerian AirForce Salary 2021 And Ranks Trainee earns N10,207 monthly. Aircraft man/woman is paid N53,092 monthly. Lance Corporal is paid N55,002 monthly. Corporal collects N58,094 monthly.

What is the salary of NDA?

Rank-Wise NDA Salary

NDA Salary – Army, Navy, Air Force
NDA Posts or Ranks Salary of NDA Officer (Per Month)
Lieutenant INR 56,100/- to INR 1,77, 500/-
Captain INR 61,300/- to 01,93,900/-
Major INR 69,400/- to 02,07,200/-
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Which is the highest post in Air Force?

Marshal of the Air Force
Marshal of the Air Force is a five star Air Officer rank and the highest attainable rank in the Indian Air Force….Marshal of the Indian Air Force.

Marshal of the Air Force
Next higher rank None
Next lower rank Air Chief Marshal
Equivalent ranks Field Marshal (Indian Army) Admiral of the fleet (Indian Navy)

Does Air Force pay for college?

Active duty personnel can pursue voluntary, off-duty educational opportunities with assistance from the Air Force Tuition Assistance (TA) program. Currently, the program pays 100 percent (up to $250 per semester hour or equivalent) of the cost of college tuition with a limit of $4,500 per fiscal year.

How much does Air Force pay monthly?

What is the salary of a pilot in the Indian Air Force?

With dearness allowance being around 125\% and factoring in other allowances, the overall take home salary for an Indian Air Force Pilot who has just joined the forces is around ₹75–80k (depending upon where he is posted) However as he/she ascends through the Ranks, the salary keeps on Increasing.

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What is the salary of an Air Force officer after commissioning?

After the commissioning, an officer gets around 80,000 per month as total emoluments. Joining the Air Force has always been a dream come true for the majority of the Indian Youth. Besides the opportunity to serve the nation, the Indian Air Force is attractive because of the pay, allowances and the benefits it provides.

Does the Indian Air Force provide study leave for its officers?

The IAF also sponsors M. Tech. courses for officers of the Technical Branch, in institutes like IIT and BHU-IT. The IAF also has tie-ups with universities like IGNOU to facilitate long-distance learning for officers and airmen. They are also allowed study leave of up to 24 months extendible up to 28 months.

Why do you want to join Indian Air Force?

Besides the opportunity to serve the nation, the Indian Air Force is attractive because of the pay, allowances and the benefits it provides. For the benefit of future Flying Officers, details related to the pay and benefits of joining through NDA are given below.