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How many students have passed in at least two subjects?

How many students have passed in at least two subjects?


Passed in all subject 167
Failed in mathematics 199
Failed in science 191
Passed in social science only 62
Passed in mathematics only 48

Is 80\% passed?

A – is the highest grade you can receive on an assignment, and it’s between 90\% and 100\% B – is still a pretty good grade! This is an above-average score, between 80\% and 89\% D – this is still a passing grade, and it’s between 59\% and 69\%

What if I fail in Class 12 Science?

Pursue Diploma Courses: In case you couldn’t clear Science in Class 12, you may use your 10th standard certificate and get enrolled in diploma courses such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering etc.

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How many candidates failed at least in one subject?

Hence, 5863 is the correct answer.

How many passed in mathematics and at least one more subjects?

How many candidates failed in all the subjects?

4 How many candidates failed in all three subjects? A) 4,815 B) 3317 C) 2,687 D) 362 Ans. D Candidates failed in all three subjects= =(Candidate appeared) – (Candidate passed in one, two, three or five subjects+ Candidates failed in any subject) = 10,500-(5,685 + 1,498 + 1,250 + 835 + 78+ 275 + 149 + 221) =362 Q.

How many candidates had at least one of the three?

n(A ∪ B ∪ C) is the number of candidates who had at least one of three. As 190 candidates who attended the interview had at least one of the three, (200 – 190 = 10) candidates had none of three.

Is it impossible to fail Art in high school?

No, it is not impossible. Students fail art just like they fail any other class. Maybe they don’t do the work. Maybe they do the work but do it poorly and without effort.

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How many students are left in 1250 students?

The answer is 2. Taking away the 4 writing students, the 13 math-only students, and the remaining 31 English students, we have 2 students remaining. In a school of 1250 students, 50\% of the students take an art class and 50\% of the students take a gym class.

How many students take art only and gym only?

50\% of students take art and 50\% take gym and the total number of students is 1250. 50\% of 1250 is 625. Thus, A+C=625 and B+C=625. Setting them equal to each other we get A+C=B+C. Subtract C from both sides to get A=B; so the same number of students take art only and gym only.

Is passing Art Class A passive act?

No decent teacher wants students to fail, but passing a class is a two-way street. We should make every effort to help our students, but they also have to do their part. Ultimately they must be an active participant in their success. In short, passing art class is not a passive act.