How do you politely decline a hair appointment?

How do you politely decline a hair appointment?

Just go in and & if so-&-so is available; if they are, see them & if not, thank them & say you’ll come back when they’re available. If they offer you to see someone else, again thank them & say ‘I prefer to see him/her. I’ll just come back. ‘

Is it OK to cancel hair appointment?

Time based cancellation notice This is up to your discretion, but is often up to 50\%. If it is the first time the client has missed their appointment, or they have a good reason for it, it’s a good idea to let them off and simply reschedule for them.

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How do you politely fire a hair client?

Be honest. Explain how your salon runs and the way you want your guest’s experience to feel. Explain that they seem unhappy each time, for whatever the reason may be, and that it may be best to part ways. Thank them for their time with you and wish them well. This does not have to be a dramatic event.

How do you break up with a friend who is a hairdresser?

Call or text your old stylist and let him gently know that you’ll be seeing his co-worker from now on. Reaching out first helps quell rumors and awkwardness around their work environment. Honesty, again, is the best policy. But another good bit of advice is “Say what you mean, but don’t say it mean.”

What to do if your hairdresser miscommunicates with you?

Following the miscommunication of a trim is the miscommunication of, well, everything. The best hairdressers sit down with you before they even wash your hair and ask about what you hope to get out of the appointment. They should ask about your style preferences, your daily maintenance, your texture and everything else that can affect your hair.

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What should you never say to your hairdresser during an appointment?

1. “That’s not looking how I wanted it to.” These words should never, ever be uttered during a hair appointment. Whether it’s cut or color, you need to be able to trust your hairdresser, or problems will inevitably follow. Hearing this could mean that the hairdresser is inexperienced, wasn’t paying attention or any number of other things.

What should a hairdresser wear?

A stylist’s hair should sport an up-to-the-minute cut and color, and always look like they just stepped out of a salon chair themselves. When it comes to wardrobe, what a hairdresser wears should be similar to clothing choices of clients they want to attract – hip, stylish, and/or upscale.

What should you do if your hairdresser interrupts you?

Interruptions should be kept to a minimum, with an apology for whatever was so important that it ended up taking away from the client’s time during an appointment. Let’s face it, a hairdresser routinely touches not just the client’s hair, but also likely their neck, face, and shoulders.