How do you find top performing posts on Facebook?

How do you find top performing posts on Facebook?

Visit your Posts tab and scroll down to the All Posts Published list. Sort posts by Likes, Comments, and Shares to see the total engagement by type for each post. Visit your Posts tab and click on Top Posts From Pages You Watch.

How do you see Group activity on Facebook?

Tap in the top right of Facebook, then scroll down to Groups and select your group.

  1. Tap More, then tap View Group Info.
  2. Tap Admin Activity.
  3. Tap to view a profile or learn more about an action taken.

How do I sort my Facebook posts by likes?

  1. Navigate to your Facebook home page by pressing “Home” on the blue menu bar at the top of any Facebook page.
  2. Click on the “Sort” link in the upper right corner of the news feed.
  3. Slide down to “Top Stories” and click to set the order of information based upon information including “likes.”
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How do I find my most liked photo on Facebook?

5 Answers. Login to Archivedbook using Facebook. Select tab Statuses and from the drop down menu select Most Liked .

How do I find my most liked post?

To find your top posts, tap Insights on your profile page, then tap Accounts Reached, and then scroll down to Top Posts and See All. You can sort these by Reach — so, the number of people who saw the post, total — or by Likes.

What is limit activity on Facebook group?

The ‘Limit Activity’ feature is the latest addition in a few public and private Facebook groups that helps admins stay on top of spammers. You get this option when you click on the three dots given against a member’s name in your group.

How do I find my analytics on a Facebook group?

From a desktop, you access Facebook Group Insights from the left side panel. On mobile, you access Facebook Group Insights by tapping the icon with a star in the top right. This will open your Admin Tools, which shows your insights data.

How do I organize my posts by date in a Facebook group?

Go to your favorite group and scroll down to the posts. Right above the first post you will see an option to sort the posts. By default, the setting is at New Activity. This will be any post with a new comment.

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How do I find my most-liked post?

What’s the most-liked post on Facebook?

The picture above, posted to Barack Obama’s Facebook profile around 11:15 p.m. Tuesday, is now Facebook’s most-liked photo of all time, with more than 3.2 million “likes” and counting. The page Facebook + Journalists confirmed the landmark early Wednesday morning.

What are the most popular posts on Facebook?

Widely viewed posts

Rank Post Link Content Viewers
1 94.3M
2 92.4M
3 92.0M
4 88.7M

How to see what people are liking on Facebook?

Method 2 of 2: Computer Go to If you’re not already signed in, you’ll be prompted to do so now. Go to your friend’s profile. You can do this by clicking a friend’s name on your news feed, or by searching for them using the Search bar at the Click the More tab. Click Likes on the menu.

How can I See my likes on Facebook?

Go to your profile page and check your Activity Log. You can filter the activity by type and that should help you. He’s right, actually. Under Activity Log –> Likes, you can see a list of all what you have ‘liked’. The View Activity Log button is located in the bottom-right of your cover image.

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How can I see all of my Facebook posts?

Click “Posts by Friends” to the left side of the search results to see which of your friends have re-posted your update or link. For a wider search, try clicking “Posts by everyone.”. The search results will display a list of people who have re-posted your update or link. Show Comments.

How to find out who has liked your Facebook page?

Visit the Facebook website and log in to your account.

  • Go to your Facebook page for which you wish to view names of users who like it.
  • On your Facebook page,click on Settings at the top right just above the cover photo.
  • Under Settings,click on People and Other Pages on the left sidebar.
  • On the right sidebar,you will see People Who Like This page will be selected by default and all the users who like your page with their names listed