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How do I tell my friend to dress better?

How do I tell my friend to dress better?

How to Tell Your Friends They Dress Badly

  1. Let Them Know You Care.
  2. Tell Them Why You Question What They Wear.
  3. How Their Appearance Affects Their Lives.
  4. Tell Them What Is Wrong With Their Clothes.
  5. Ask Them Why They Dress That Way.
  6. Tell Them How They Could Change.
  7. Give Them Inspiration.
  8. Ask Them If They Want To Change.

How do you tell someone they have good style?

30 Creative Ways To Compliment Someone’s Outfit

  1. “You look so confident/ happy/ glowing.”
  2. “I love that so much I’m going to take it when you’re not looking.”
  3. “That outfit looks like something Rihanna would wear.”
  4. “Who needs a little black dress, when you have that?!”
  5. “I’ve never seen anyone look so ready to own it.”
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How do you tell a friend they look bad?

How to Tell Your Friends that They Dress Badly

  1. Let Them Know You Care. This can be a delicate situation to handle.
  2. Ask Them Why They Dress that way.
  3. Ask Them if They Want to Change.
  4. Be Upfront about it.
  5. Tell Them How They Can Change.

How can I be attractive and stylish?

50 Genius Ways to Be Instantly More Attractive

  1. Wear Red.
  2. Show Off Your Hips.
  3. Make Yourself Look Taller.
  4. Highlight the Left Side of Your Face.
  5. Travel in Groups.
  6. Fill in Your Eyebrows.
  7. Put On Some Sunglasses.
  8. Walk With a Swagger.

How do you compliment a dress designer?

How to compliment someone for his/her dressing?

  1. “I really like your outfit”
  2. “Looking nice today”
  3. “Your jacket color really suits you”(When you like the color of someone’s dress and it also looks perfect on him)
  4. “You look lovely in that dress”
  5. Sell your used well maintained dresses on Evilato and earn.
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How do you appreciate a dress designer?

Thank you so much for creating a dress even better than my dreams and for not only giving me ‘the moment’ with my dress but a moment every single time I saw you! Working with you and getting to know you has been such a pleasure and I am going to miss you!