How do I see all events on Meetup?

How do I see all events on Meetup?

When you click on your photo in the top right corner on any of your Meetup groups you will be taken to a page which will highlight the next upcoming Meetup. It will also show you the number of new Meetups which are coming up in all the groups that you belong to.

What is similar to Meetup com?

Best 6 Sites Like Meetup

  • Eventbrite. (
  • Groupspaces. (
  • OpenSports. (
  • (
  • Foursquare. (
  • Citysocializer. (

Does Meetup have an API?

Meet the API. The Meetup API provides simple RESTful HTTP and streaming interfaces for exploring and interacting Meetup platform from your own apps.

How do I embed a Meetup event?

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You can embed a single event or a Meetup group. Find the Meetup url or the event url. Go to the meetup page, right click on the meetup name or the specific event and select “Copy link address”.

Is there something better than Meetup?

Eventbrite Eventbrite is a social platform that allows you to discover upcoming events near you and get personalized recommendations. It also can be considered as the most popular Meetup alternatives.

Why aren’t some of my meetups showing on the calendar?

I had figured out why meetups weren’t showing on the meetup calendar and that’s because I didn’t announce those particular meetups. As I’ve mentioned in another thread, members would leave my group if I announced more than 1 meetup in a day. For this set of meetups, they were all movies so I just sent out an email so people only get one.

Why is meetup so bad at sending reminders?

This is really truly a sad oversight on Meetup’s part. Their obsession with emailing members automatic reminders is a huge issue and they don’t even publicly inform members when they join meetup how to deal with emails. it just automatically registers them for emails. They have told me that for it to show up in the calendar, you need 3 rsvps.

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How can I change the appearance of my Meetup group?

We suggest using cover photos to personalize the appearance of your group. Meetup now saves locations for hosting events directly in the event scheduler. Rather than maintaining your group’s venues on a separate page, we use a Google integration to identify and manage these locations.

Why can’t I upload a photo to meetup?

There are a couple of reasons why you might receive an error when attempting to upload a photo to Meetup. Whether it’s for your profile, a group, or an event, photos must be smaller than 2MB and be in JPG or PNG format. If you’re still receiving an error, try uploading a photo without any visible text.