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How do I get my music on a podcast?

How do I get my music on a podcast?

Royalty free music is the best option for safely incorporating music into your podcast.

  1. Royalty Free Music.
  2. Creative Commons.
  3. Public Domain.
  4. Pixabay.
  5. YouTube Audio Library.
  6. Incompetech.
  7. Free Music Archive.
  8. Soundcloud.

Can you make money from podcasts?

Monetizing your podcast can help you pay for the costs of hosting and post-production, and can work as some passive income to help save up some extra money for the future. Everything worthwhile takes time, and it’s no different with building a podcast with a dedicated audience and monetizing it.

How do music podcasts make money?

How to make money from podcasting

  1. Gear up to sound great. As a music technology platform you’d expect us to focus on the gear you’ll need, but with podcasting the ‘rules’ are a bit different.
  2. Get good.
  3. Build an audience.
  4. Seek out sponsorship.
  5. Work with affiliate partners.
  6. Create merch.
  7. Learn to diversify.
  8. Direct support.
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Do I need a license to play music on my podcast?

1) Podcasts Require Sync Licenses In order to use any copyrighted music in their show, a podcaster needs to obtain a synchronization license. A record label typically controls the master and one or more publishing companies or songwriters usually own the composition, so sync licenses can end up costing a lot.

Where do podcasters get their music?

Top 10 Places to Find Music for Your Podcast

  • Free Music Archive.
  • Silverman Sound Studios.
  • Incompetech.
  • Pixabay Music.
  • Audiojungle.
  • Audio Blocks.
  • Epidemic Sound.

Does Spotify pay you for podcasts?

Podcast creators won’t owe anything to Spotify for the first two years (aside from the cost of transaction fees through Spotify’s payment partner, Stripe). That said, in 2023, Spotify said it will begin taking a 5 per cent cut of podcast creators’ total subscription revenue.

Can you monetize Spotify podcast?

Spotify has announced new paid subscription options to help creators monetize their podcasts. The options are now rolling out, and include Paid Subscriptions, Spotify’s Open Access Platform, and further access to the Spotify Audience Network. …

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Do podcasts pay music royalties?

Podcasts do not currently generate performance and/or mechanical royalties. Show creators typically pay a flat upfront fee to license your music instead. Other than this one-time fee, there are no additional publishing royalties generated from the streaming or downloading of podcasts at this point.

Does Spotify pay podcast royalties?

The streaming music app launched a podcast subscription program so creators can earn money by offering exclusive paid content . This Tuesday, Spotify launched its new monetization scheme in the United States and plans to expand it to other regions and add more authors in the coming months.

How to use songs in your podcast without cost?

An option to use songs in your podcast without cost are the sites with songs of public domain, that is, music that you do not have to pay for the right to use them. There are advantages and disadvantages in these types of websites. One of them is to have to search a lot to find the ideal music for your podcast.

What is the best music to use on a podcast?

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The best, safest, and most affordable way for you to use music on your podcast is Royalty Free Music sites like, with a vast variety of production music . You’ll find hundreds of music at your disposal divided by genre. From Jazz to Classic, from Ambient to Dubstep.

Do I need a license to use music in my podcast?

Unless this is the subject matter of your podcast, the likelihood is you’ll just be using music for fun. Using music for fun doesn’t fall under the fair use policy so you’ll need to check out purchasing a license. It’s also a good thing to keep in mind that the fair use policy can be easily argued against so again, not a great option.

Is it possible to sell your music online?

The fact is that your music is not created for advertising projects or companies but for people from the street. In this scenario, if we want to sell our music online we will compete with a huge number of musicians from around the world, not only in the musical aspect but in the promotion (marketing) and distribution as well.