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How did Thanos destroy the stones in endgame?

How did Thanos destroy the stones in endgame?

Thanos destroyed the infinity stones using their own power, the stones can only be destroyed by the energy equal to theirs. As in infinity war, Wanda was the only one who could match the mind stones powers and destroyed it.

What happens when Thanos destroyed the Stones?

The stones are still present in the universe.” So, basically, he smashed them to smithereens but did not actually destroy them out of existence. They continue to be an integral part of reality and the universe but are no longer in a single (and easily usable) form.

Why did ant-man kick the briefcase?

Ant-Man shrunk inside the alternate Iron Man’s Arc Reactor in order to sabotage the device, which caused him to endure a mild heart attack. Ant-Man then kicked the suitcase to Iron Man, who was disguised as a security guard.

Why did Thanos waited?

Thanos had to wait for the perfect time whilst all of the mega powerful beings were incapacitated, dead or unwilling to step in. Its because the most powerful beings in the universe are dead in the previous films….

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Did Thanos destroy all six Infinity Stones in ‘Endgame’?

In celebration of Avengers: Infinity War’s debut on Disney+, Marvel Studios confirms that Thanos did destroy the Infinity Stones in Avengers: Endgame. Thanos did destroy all six Infinity Stones in Avengers: Endgame, Marvel confirms.

What happened to Thanos after Infinity War?

Avengers: Infinity War ended with Thanos triumphant, succeeding in his insane plan to erase half the life in the universe. His mission accomplished, the Mad Titan retired to his garden, believing the cosmos would find a new balance.

Why did Thanos want the Infinity Stones in the MCU?

Just as Thanos believed the Infinity Stones would serve as a temptation to anyone who wanted to undo the snap, so they would serve as a temptation to future scriptwriters. If they wanted to increase the scale of their film, they could simply reintroduce an Infinity Stone.

What happened to the Infinity Gems?

In the comics, the Infinity Gems are tied to aspects of reality itself, and when reality stabilized they simply returned into existence. It’s true that Thanos, like Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Infinity War, believed he had destroyed the Infinity Stones; the spectacular release of energy suggests that he was right.