How can Thor beat surtur but not Hela?

How can Thor beat surtur but not Hela?

Thor realized he was not going to be able to defeat her, and in an interesting turn of events, he ended up restoring Surtur’s power by having Loki drop the crown in the Eternal Flame. This unleashed Ragnarök, which was the only way to defeat Hela as Asgard was her power source.

Can Thor be stronger than Hela?

In the comics, hela IS stronger than Thor and occasionally enslaves him. It’s just a job perk. Her job as death requires her to recycle ALL of Asgard and keep it safe even when Odin’s dead. In the movies she’s a second coming of Odin, and maybe a hair or two better judt as Odin planned.

Who has beaten Hela?

After all, even the mighty Thor cannot defeat death itself. But there is one god powerful enough to defeat Hela with ease: Thor’s father, Odin. And in the comics, he proved it.

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Can Thor beat his sister Hela?

Thor defeated fire giant Surtur quite easily at the beginning of Thor: Ragnarok, yet he couldn’t beat his sister, Hela.

How did Thor defeat Surtur?

Surtur did look quite weak, and he struggled to get up and approach Thor with a sword. Once it was time to fight, Surtur couldn’t even fight back, and Thor ended up defeating him and taking his crown with him. Now, Hela turned out to be too powerful, and as Odin’s true heir, she was tied to Asgard.

Why was Hela more powerful than Surtur?

Ultimately, Hela wasn’t more powerful than Surtur, but the timing was on Thor’s side when he was imprisoned in Muspelheim, and as much as he tried to protect his homeworld, Asgard had to be destroyed in order to save its people and defeat Hela.

How hard was it to defeat Hela?

Hela was no easy opponent, but before she was set free (which happened once Odin passed away ), Thor had to defeat a seemingly bigger threat: Surtur, but he actually got rid of him quite easily. Surtur was a fire giant and ruler of Muspelheim, one of the Nine Realms.