Does tattoo effect on government job?

Does tattoo effect on government job?

Government jobs in which tattoo is prohibited You having a tattoo will have no issue whatsoever, if you are applying for a job like cleck or Probationary Officer (P.O.) in Banks, SSC, Engineering Services, Railways, PWD department etc. But it is prohibited in many other Indian government jobs.

Can tattoos be 100\% removed?

While we cannot assure 100\% clearing of tattoos, we do see this in many people. Variability is density and depth of ink used and how your body is able to absorb and remove the ink. The laser’s job is to break up the ink particles small enough for your body to do this effectively. After care is also very important.

Can a tattoo disqualify you from a government job?

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You may not be disqualified from Government jobs or public sector jobs if the tattoo is on parts of the body that are concealed by the clothes you wear. During the medical test before my appointment in 1974 in a Public Sector company, no one scanned my entire body looking for tattoos.

Can you get a job if you have a tattoo?

Ofcourse, barring few defence and police jobs, although even there tattoos are allowed as long as their guidelines for tattoos are followed.

Can I join the Indian Defence Forces if I have tattoos?

Permanent tattoos are banned because it may cause of skin allergy, skin infection or rashes etc. But if the candidate have any permanent tattoo on his lower part of hands (below elbow), then candidate has to undergo for medical test. And only after getting clearance from the doctors, he may join the defence forces.

Which military branches allow people with tattoos to join?

Only the US Army allows enlistment of people who have more than 25\% of their body tattooed. The Air Force and the Navy definitely don’t allow more than 25\% of the body to be tattooed and I’m fairly sure this also holds true for the Marines.