Does Magneto have control over all metal?

Does Magneto have control over all metal?

His prodigious control over everyday metals and ability to generate magnetic fields has always made him a dangerous opponent, requiring the X-Men to utilize the height of teamwork and ingenuity to stop him. As the X-men comics continued, and the franchise grew, the breadth of Magneto’s powers also increased.

Does magneto control metal or magnetism?

Magneto’s powers extend further than hanging spoons and forks on his body; he can generate and manipulate magnetic fields. His powers allow him to control metal, levitate himself and others, create force fields, use telepathic mind control, and generate electromagnetic pulses, among other abilities.

Can Magneto destroy metal?

But in an alternate future of the Marvel Universe, on a planet not quite Earth, the villain developed a far more terrifying ability using the same power: the ability to superheat metal through induction, so he can create any shape he desires by melting down solid metal. As if Magneto wasn’t powerful enough already.

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Can a magnetic field damage a bullet?

Lead, copper, brass, and guilding metal, as you would find in most common bullets, would experience little effect from even a powerful field, since just being conductive does not assure any magnetic attractability.

Can a strong magnetic field slow down a projectile?

Given a strong enough magnetic field could influence every single atom inside the projectile to produce a weak magnetic field and the sum of all those fields opposing the outer field and slowing the projectile down. The answer is not no. It’s almost, but not quite.

How strong is the eddy current when the projectile is ferromagnetic?

The projectile need not be ferromagnetic for this eddy current effect to occur, and for very high magnetic fields (>2 Tesla), ferromagnetic materials will saturate and behave like non-magnetic materials. Witnessing this effect in strong magnetic fields will surprise most people. It is much stronger than people expect. Consider the rail gun.