Does genjutsu work on perfect jinchuriki?

Does genjutsu work on perfect jinchuriki?

Yes, Jinchuriki can be put under any Genjutsu, let alone Kotoamatsukami, but perfect Jinchuriki like Naruto and Killer Bee would be able to snap out of it because their respective tailed beast will snap them out.

Was yagura being controlled?

Yagura being confronted by Akatsuki. Around this time, a masked man who claimed to be “Madara Uchiha” took control of Yagura, effectively gaining control over the village.

Was Yagura a bad guy?

Yagura was the 3 tails jichuriki controlled by Obito Uchiha. Simple as that. The assassination attempted by Zabuza was actually to free the mist from the evil Yagura. He was never a villain.

Is Kagura the son of Yagura?

Being the grandson of Yagura Karatachi, people kept their distance from him, leading to Kagura having no friends. Rather than struggle with becoming poor, he enrolled in the Kirigakure Academy to become a shinobi.

Is Obito manipulating yagura with genjutsu?

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It is revealed that Obito was manipulating Yagura with genjutsu, in order to gain control of the Hidden Mist village. This conspiracy was finally unveiled by Ao, who used his stolen Byakugan to see the truth of Yagura’s mind control. We know that one of the benefits of being a Jinchuriki who controls their Tailed Beast is immunity to genjutsu.

Is yoyagura a good Jinchuriki?

Yagura is a perfect Jinchuriki and everything, but he is the Jinchuriki of the THREE TAILS. The three tails is Isobu and Isobu is a different Tailed beast then Kurama or Gyuki. He doesn’t really care what happens to his Jinchuriki.

Can Uchiha kill Karatachi with genjutsu?

Obito Uchiha had been able to completely control Yagura Karatachi with a genjutsu, despite the latter being a perfect jinchūriki. In the anime, genjutsu even works on Mecha-Naruto, corrupting its internal system. Because genjutsu are not real, they are not supposed to be able to kill victims.

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Does Obito use his Mangekyo Sharingan all the time?

It didn’t take long for Sasuke’s eyesight to diminish after only a few uses of his Mangekyo Sharingan, yet Obito uses his one all of the time with any deleterious effects. One of the few individuals who was said to have gained full control of his Tailed Beast was Yagura Karatcuhi.