Can you be a legal citizen of two countries?

Can you be a legal citizen of two countries?

Dual citizenship is a legal status given to a person who possesses citizenships of two countries at one time. In other words, a person is said to have dual citizenship when he lives in one country but is also a citizen of one more country.

How do taxes work if you have dual citizenship?

For individuals who are dual citizens of the U.S. and another country, the U.S. imposes taxes on its citizens for income earned anywhere in the world. If you are living in your country of dual residence that is not the U.S., you may owe taxes both to the U.S. government and to the country where the income was earned.

What happens if you have dual citizenship in the US?

Double Taxation: Dual nationals may be subject to taxation in the United States and in any other country where they hold nationality. Registration: Some countries may require you to register your other nationalities. Other Restrictions: Some countries have laws that prohibit dual nationality and you may be forced to give up a foreign nationality.

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What happens if a US citizen goes to war with another country?

Assuming the person is a citizen of the United States and goes to war with the person’s other country of citizenship in most cases the person will be guilty of treason against their other country. So what happens depends on the person and their other citizenship.

Can a US citizen with dual citizenship serve in the military?

Military Service: U.S. citizens holding dual nationality may be subject to mandatory military service in a foreign country. This obligation may be imposed immediately upon arrival or when attempting to depart the country.

Are there countries where dual citizenship is strictly forbidden?

And, of course, there are countries where dual citizenship is strictly forbidden. This list is updated for 2021 and takes into account several European countries which are taking on the prevailing trend of more liberal policies toward people holding multiple citizenships.