Can we clear Bitsat without coaching?

Can we clear Bitsat without coaching?

Originally Answered: Is coaching needed for the BITSAT? No you don’t need to join a Special class . If you are preparing for JEE it will help you to crack BITSAT .

Is clearing Bitsat easy?

BITSAT Preparation BITSAT is easier as compared to other national level examinations. According to experts, it is an exam where time management and presence of mind is given more importance than a deep knowledge of the subject. With a basic understanding of concepts, aspirants can manage to crack the exam.

How much can an average student score in Bitsat?

While the average score for BITSAT 2021 is more than 300 and to get admission in other branches, 290+ marks is considered enough for the admissions.

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Can I crack BITSAT by self study?

Yes, you can crack BITSAT exam by self-study. And start doing mock tests. Practice more and more questions by doing previous year papers. This practice will help you to make this happen.

Is BITSAT easier than IIT?

BITSAT is easier than the JEE Main exam but it is a lot more competitive. While 15 students compete for each IIT seat, there are as many as 79 students competing for each seat in BITS Pilani campuses….Also Read.

Course Name BITSAT 2014 cut-offs
M.Sc.(Hons.): Physics 270-280
M.Sc.(Tech.): Information Systems 260-270

Can I crack the JEE or BITSAT without coaching?

Not everyone who go for coaching are able to crack JEE or BITSAT and someone who do not go for coaching can crack JEE or BITSAT. Everything is dependent on you and how well you have studied for the two most crucial years of year (11th and 12th).

What is the eligibility criteria for BITS Pilani for admission?

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BITS PILANI offers admission to a person on the basis of 12th board exams only if he/she is any state board or CBSE/ICSE board topper. Otherwise, a general criteria of atleast 75\% in class 12th PCM is a must while you are taking admission through BITSAT.

How can I prepare for the JEE without coaching?

You can get a DLP from any of the renowned coaching institutes. Give and practice AITS, JEE Main and Advanced mocks in a good number and give sufficient time to analyzing the paper after doing it. Finally, just don’t give up and work hard till the end. You can surely ace JEE without coaching too.

How do I prepare for the BITSAT?

Also take care of time management because speed is one of the most important factors to score high in BITSAT. There is nothing such as hardcore preparation if you have interest in the subject. Just study sincerely for 2 years and you will achieve your goal.