Can Naruto defeat Nagato?

Can Naruto defeat Nagato?

When reanimated, he was able to hold his own against two perfect Jinchūriki in Naruto Uzumaki, and Killer Bee. He defeated Nagato without much trouble and even undid the Edo Tensei by defeating Kabuto Yakushi.

Who can defeat Nagato?

10 Could: Itachi Uchiha Itachi was able to fight against Naruto Uzumaki in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, something that Pain could never do. He was also able to incapacitate Nagato Uzumaki, and it is quite easy to see that he could definitely have taken on and defeated Pain in combat.

Who is stronger hashirama or pain?

Hashirama would DESTROY Nagato. Hashirama is the God of Shinobi, and he can beat the Nine Tails into acting like a baby. He made his OWN secret sage mode, and his power is something most naruto characters would fall agaisn’t. Nagato would be a problem for Hashirama, but in the end, Hashirama would win.

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Who can defeat Nagato in Naruto?

Very few Non God Tiers can defeat Nagato. The absolute strongest person he can beat is Bijuu Mode Naruto. Preta Path, Chibaku and Shinra Tensei can help him get a few wins (about 2) out of 10 rounds against that version of Naruto. The absolute weakest who can beat him is One Mangekyo Sharingan Obito.

Who is the strongest character in Naruto?

Obito, being one of the characters with those powers, could beat him within a few seconds. 1 Stands No Chance Against: Kaguya Otsutsuki Kaguya Otsutsuki was the strongest villain in Naruto and her strength was said to surpass even that of Madara Uchiha.

Is Nagato stronger than Sasuke?

Nagato is in the Top Tier, that is the Tier before the Legendary Tier. In this Tier belongs Bijuu Mode Naruto and the strongest version of EMS Sasuke. The only Non God Tiers stronger than him are Hashirama, EMS Madara, Bijuu Mode Naruto, Bijuu Mode Edo Minato and Rinnegan Obito. Nagato is far stronger than anyone who isn’t in Top Tier.

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Who is the weakest person that can beat Nagato?

The absolute weakest who can beat him is One Mangekyo Sharingan Obito. Nagato is super powerful but Obito had Kamui hax and he can phase through most of Nagato’s attacks. Nagato is very reflexive though, One Mangekyo Sharingan Obito should only pull of a few wins out of 10 rounds against him.