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Can King Piccolo be wished back?

Can King Piccolo be wished back?

King Piccolo makes his wish and has his youth fully restored, regaining the strength he once had during his peak.

What if King Piccolo wished for immortality?

If Kami doesn’t have immortality alongside King Piccolo, then theoretically if Kami committed suicide, then King Piccolo would perish with his other half ceasing to exist (as was the case with Piccolo Jr and Kami during DBZ, prior to their re-merging).

Is King Piccolo stronger than Frieza?

In the show, Guru clearly states that had Piccolo been fused and complete with Kami – he would have been able to defeat Frieza and it would have taken a Super Saiyan to defeat him. So, it’s explicitly cannon that Piccolo combined with Kami would have been strong enough to defeat Frieza.

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Is King Piccolo stronger than Roshi?

Interestingly, Roshi never fights Piccolo, instead dying due to a failed Mafuba. That said, while Roshi was seemingly holding back during the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai, there’s nothing to suggest he’s all that much stronger.

Does Piccolo come back to life after cell kills him?

3 Piccolo – 3 times He was first killed by an Impact Bomb from Nappa in order to save Gohan from being killed. He then came back to life thanks to the Namekian Dragon Balls. Later, he was killed when Majin Buu blew up the Earth, but Piccolo (and the rest of the planet) were restored by the Namekian dragon Porunga.

Could Piccolo have killed cell?

17 is easily outmatched against cell 1st form then piccolo never have a chance but if he killed cell then gohan’s true strength never discovered and he became a weakling just as he in future trunks world even ssj trunks can’t beat cell at first he beat him after getting to ascended ssj in future world….

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Is tambourine stronger than Piccolo?

At the time of his death, Tambourine was the most powerful son of Piccolo. He is shown to effortlessly defeat several martial artists, including Krillin, Goku (albeit tired and hungry), Nam, Giran, and in the anime: King Chappa and Bacterian as well.

Could Master Roshi beat Piccolo?

Yeah you are right, he couldn’t beat King piccolo or Raditz, but he possibly trained to be very strong. Like Goku, he trains until he gets as stronger as he was the last few days, you could say that with Roshi and the other Z fighters.

Do you have any respect for Demon King Piccolo?

No respect… for the superior species. Demon King Piccolo is the main antagonist of the original Dragon Ball manga/anime series (although he is not the final enemy, as his son Piccolo Jr. was fought after him). He was also Goku’s first archenemy.

Is King Piccolo a Namekian?

Kami, King Piccolo’s good counterpart, shares an almost identical resemblance, and later in Dragon Ball Z, it is revealed that this is the normal Namekians’ typical appearance. King Piccolo is one of the tallest and largest of the villains in the original Dragon Ball series, towering over all his opponents.

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Is King Piccolo good or bad?

Being the concentrated evil that lived within the Nameless Namekian, King Piccolo’s personality is the exact opposite of his good counterpart, Kami; as he is presented as a cold, ruthless, sadistic, and power-hungry villain with little to no sense of compassion whatsoever.

Does Piccolo ever spare any lives?

Later, after regaining his youth and becoming arguably more maniacal than before, he also spares the lives of Emperor Pilaf, Mai, and Shu, and later the life of King Furry (though he kills almost all of King Furry’s guards ). Also, during the worldwide announcement of his takeover, Piccolo stated that he deeply sympathizes with the criminals.