Can I continue my studies in Germany?

Can I continue my studies in Germany?

14. Can I stay in Germany when I complete my studies? Yes. After completing your studies in Germany as an international student, you’re able to apply for a residence permit to stay in the country and seek work for an additional period of 18 months.

How can an international student become a doctor in Germany?

To apply to one of the 13 talent-based scholarship foundations (German: Begabtenförderungswerke), international students of medicine typically need to have completed the first 2 years of studies and passed the first part of the medical state examination, or have completed a similar course of study abroad.

Can an Indian become a doctor in Germany?

An Indian MBBS degree holder can therefore seek lateral entry into the German system of medical education and seek a Berufserlaubnis that is the ‘temporary permit’ that is valid for two years to work as a doctor under supervision. After getting the Approbation, one is permitted to work as a doctor in Germany.

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How many years is MBBS in Germany?

6 years and 3 months
In Germany, a regular MBBS course lasts for 6 years and 3 months. But since MBBS courses in are taught in the German language those who don’t have the proper level of German have to spend an additional year into a language preparatory course before entering the regular course.

Is it free to study medicine in Germany?

As for most programs offered at German public universities, studying medicine in Germany is typically tuition free for international students and German students alike.

What is the last step to become a doctor in Germany?

State Examination The last step in completing your medical degree in Germany is to pass the State Examination, a nationally standardised examination. After taking and passing the examination, you can apply for your medical license (Approbation) and begin working as a certified doctor.

What is the admission process for medicine in Germany?

For medicine degrees in Germany, the admission intake differs from one university of another. Generally, most medical schools in Germany conduct admissions during two phases: July 15 for Upcoming Winter Semester January 15 for Upcoming Summer Semester

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What is the medical examination called in Germany?

Medical Examination or Approbation in Germany. This state exam, the Approbationsordnung für Ärzte (Regulation of the Licensing of Doctors or AppOÄ), takes place in three stages: M1: The first stage of the medical examination, Physicum, takes place after two years of study in the field of medicine.