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Can guns work in space?

Can guns work in space?

Yes. Bullets carry their own oxidising agent in the explosive of the cartridge (which is sealed, anyway) so there’s no need for atmospheric oxygen to ignite the propellant. Once shot, the bullet will keep going forever, as the universe is expanding at a faster rate than the bullet will travel.

Would a gun make a sound in space?

Such films could even have some basis in fact, because shooting a gun in space would certainly work, though not quite like it does on Earth. In addition to there being no sound in space, there is also no oxygen, which is required to create and sustain any kind of fire.

Can bullets fire underwater?

No, you should never fire a gun underwater. Depending on the type of gun, it is possible to fire underwater. Water is obviously more dense than air, when you try to fire bullets underwater, the weight of the water slows down the bullet making it lethal in just a few steps away unlike when you fire it above the surface.

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What weapons will work in space?

Here are some of the space weapons currently under development:

  • Chemical Lasers.
  • Particle Beams.
  • Military Space Planes.

Would an M16 work in space?

In real life, however, a weapon like the M16 would be extremely difficult to operate in space. Using weapons in the extremes of space, including wild temperature swings and low gravity, would present challenges for both those who design and carry the weapons.

What would happen if we could shoot guns in space?

Without the stabilising effect of the atmosphere, the wide temperature variations in space might be a problem though: direct sunlight might make the gun hot enough for the ammunition to explode spontaneously, whereas a gun kept in the shade would eventually become so cold that the primer in the firing cap might not go off at all.

How does an air pressure water gun work?

As water is pumped in, the displaced air compresses, generating pressure inversely proportional to the volume (from Boyle’s law). The tanks are inverted to let the denser water pool at the bottom, where the inlet/outlet is. Variants on air pressure water guns often use plungers to separate the air and water.

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Can you shoot gunpowder in space?

And if you think that fire can’t burn in the oxygen-free vacuum of space, you’re absolutely right. However, modern ammunition comes with its own oxidiser chemical that can trigger the explosion of gunpowder, so all this space-bound gunplay kind of makes sense (sort of).

What are the parts of a separate chamber water gun?

The reservoir is the main water tank in separate chamber water guns. It consists of a tank, a cap for refilling, and an outlet to the pump area. The pump is the sliding device that sucks water out of the reservoir and forces it into the pressure chambers.